Cookies policy

1. Cookies are text files stored in the browser of the user's computer, tablet, or mobile device when visiting the website:, (hereinafter referred to as the “Site”) to reflect actions taken. The web browser saves cookies and sends them back to the Site upon subsequent visits. Cookies allow websites to recognize your device and preferences, as well as provide information that can be used to improve your internet interaction.

These files allow you to avoid re-entering or selecting the same settings upon revisiting the Site (e.g., language selection). The purpose of processing cookies is to provide convenience to site users, improve the quality of its functioning, and collect analytical information in an aggregated form.

2. The following types of cookies are processed on the Site:

Technical (essential) – necessary for the correct functioning of the Site, allowing you to access the Site, services, and tools necessary for monitoring the Site's operation, preventing fraudulent activity and enhancing security, or enabling you to use the Site's functionality. These cookies do not store any information about the user that can be used for advertising (marketing) purposes or evaluating their behavior on the Site. Such data is not transferred to third-party analytical systems. Since these cookies are necessary for providing our services, you cannot opt out of them.

Analytical – enable the identification of the most and least popular pages of the Site, understand how users arrived at the Site, which pages of the Site they visited, etc., helping to improve the Site's performance and make it more user-friendly.

Advertising (marketing) – used to provide users with personalized marketing and advertising materials based on their interests, as well as information about the pages visited by users, including on other informational resources.

The Site uses cookies to improve the Site and its advertising campaigns on the Google Analytics platform, which processes information using cookies. Google's Privacy Policy applies. Google Analytics is used to provide statistical usage data of the Site without identifying users.

3. Cookies processed on the Site and their storage periods:

Essential cookies – stored for no more than one year;

Analytical and marketing cookies for the functioning of the web analytics platform Google Analytics – some of them are stored during the use of the Site, and the rest – for no more than two years.

4. Users can accept or reject all cookies processed on the Site, except for mandatory ones. However, the correct functioning of the Site is only possible when using mandatory cookies. Disabling them may require users to make repeated selections of settings (parameters), and other consequences may occur depending on the type of cookies disabled, including restricting user access to the Site's functional capabilities. Disabling analytical cookies will prevent the identification of user preferences on the Site, including the most and least popular pages, and taking measures to improve the Site's performance based on user preferences.

5. Users can accept or reject the collection of all or some cookies in their browser settings.

More information about cookie management settings can be found by following external links leading to the respective pages of the main browser sites:

Microsoft Edge

For information on managing settings in other browsers, users can refer to the documentation provided by their developers.

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We use essential cookies for the proper functioning of the website and additional ones to make interaction with the site as convenient as possible. It helps us personalize your user experience as well as obtain analytical information to improve the service.

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