Life is like a novel: 173 years since the birth of Panas Mirny

Life is like a novel: 173 years since the birth of Panas Mirny

13 May 2022, 13:00
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Not every person who has achieved success in some activity is able to remain the same. Sometimes fame spoils people. But this did not affect the Ukrainian writer, playwright, prose writer and poet Panas Mirny. He retained his modesty, unpretentiousness and good nature even after his books became popular all over the world.

Panas Mirny (real name Panas Yakovich Rudchenko) was born in Mirgorod on May 13, 1849. Panas Yakovich's father, who worked as an accountant, wanted the children to continue his work and enter the civil service. The boy could not disobey his father. Already at the age of 14, Panas became a clerk, and a little later he began to help with accounting in court. This activity did not bring pleasure to the young man. He devoted all his free time to reading books.

It was during the formation of a career in the treasury that Rudchenko made his first attempts at writing. His older brother became a reference point for literary activity for Panas. The brothers even co-wrote one of the novels. But in the future, their creative paths diverged.

The first creations of Panas were little known on the territory of Ukraine. Literature was censored because of the ban on the use of the Ukrainian language. The author had to print books in Geneva and in Lvov, which at that time was part of Austria-Hungary.

The author created his works mainly at night. Interestingly, most of them were recorded in the ledgers. But many were never completed.

The heroes of Mirny's books were often real people. So, for example, the prototypes of the characters from the novel "Poviya" were the images of the girls with whom he was in love in his youth.

In 1914, the writer's house was searched, as the tsarist government began searching for politically suspicious individuals. Fortunately, the search was superficial. No one has found the manuscripts that the author kept in the tallow storage box.

Panas Mirny's heart was broken several times. The author found the love of his life in the person of Alexandra Scheideman, with whom they had three sons. For the sake of Panas, the girl left her wealthy boyfriend. It is known that Scheidemann suffered from nervous disorders. But all their lives the couple lived in harmony and love.

The last years of the author's life were filled with tragic events. First, his terrible brother passed away, then his mother, best friends and literary colleagues. During the First World War, his eldest son died. Shortly thereafter, the writer also lost his youngest son. These events did not pass unnoticed for Panas's health. The writer died of a stroke on January 28, 1920.

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