"Drowned or Drowned": Ukrpochta issued a new stamp

21 June 2022, 12:00
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The special redemption of the new postage stamp took place in Lvov on June 17. The series received the name “Sunken or Vstopivsya”, a symbolic name for Ukraine.

On the product there is an image of the enemy cruiser "Moskva", which was sent to the bottom of the brave Ukrainian military. A Russian rocket ship in dark blue against a yellow-blue flag is covered with symbolic waves, which are a reference to the iconic phrase that has become prophetic for Moscow. The inscription on the stamp is supplemented with Latin "Z" and "V". With these letters the aggressor marks his equipment.

Ideas for the design of the new brand were offered by students from various educational institutions. But as the press service of the Lviv OVA reported, the most interesting option was provided by Alexandra Kuzmenko, a student of the National Academy of Fine Arts and Architecture.

Photo © inlviv.in.ua

The circulation of the stamp is limited: no more than 1000 units. But Konstantin Chernyavsky (Chairman of the National Union of Artists of Ukraine) is considering the possibility of additional replication of the product. He assumes that the brand will be in demand as a souvenir and a gift to international partners as a token of gratitude for helping Ukraine.

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