Ukrposhta issued a new stamp with

Ukrposhta issued a new stamp with

27 June 2022, 12:00
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Ukrposhta announced the introduction of a new thematic stamp. The national postal operator will present the stamp to the public on June 28. The new issue is dedicated to "Mriya" - the largest transport aircraft in the world, which was designed in Ukraine. The pride of the nation An-225 at the end of February was destroyed by enemy troops during an air attack on the airport in Gostomel.

The sketch for a postage stamp, stamps, postcards and envelopes was drawn by an eleven-year-old girl. Sofia Kravchuk from Volyn (Lyuboml) knows how important Mriya was for Ukrainians. The plane was not only a hallmark of Ukraine, but also personified the strength and inflexibility of the people.

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The theme edition will be special. The Rashists managed to destroy the plane, but they are unable to break the dream and the spirit of the freedom-loving Ukrainians. Ukrposhta noted that the product will be produced in the amount of three million copies. You can become the owner of this work of philately in the office of the postal operator or in online stores.

The design of the brand is gentle and inspiring at the same time: against the background of the starry sky, Mriya is depicted rising up, and a girl behind whom is an airplane with flowers on its wings.

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