Больше информации об этом исходном тексте

Больше информации об этом исходном тексте

29 June 2022, 11:00
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Ukrainian embroidered shirts are timeless clothes. It has been and remains relevant through the ages. It is worn not only by native Ukrainians, but also by people all over the world. And celebrities are no exception.

A series of photographs of Jim Morrison (frontman of The Doors) in a traditional Ukrainian vyshyvanka was seen by the world in 1967. The author of the pictures was Guy Webster - an American photographer who photographed rock stars 60-70. Guy's photos have repeatedly become the covers of cult music albums. The Mamas and the Papas, The Rolling Stones, Simon & Garfunke, The Beach boys - this is a far from complete list of bands that have chosen to design Guy Webster's musical projects.

Guy owns many unique shots that have left their mark on history. And the photo of Jimmy Morrison, dressed in national Ukrainian clothes, is a confirmation of this fact.

Photo © teenergizer.org

Webster has been photographing The Doors since they were not widely known. The photographer met the leader of the group while studying in college. The photo of Jimma in embroidered shirt appeared in the era of hippies. Ethnic things in this period were at the peak of popularity.

The shirt was presented to the rock performer by his friend Andy Warhol, whose real name is Andrey Vargola. The artist who gave rise to the pop art style felt sympathy for Ukrainian culture. Andy found an embroidered shirt in the SURMA Ukrainian book and music store. It was founded in 1918 by Myron Surmache, an emigrant from Ukraine. The assortment of the store was varied: traditional clothes, souvenirs and even Ukrainian food. Over time, the place has become not only a point of sale, but also a kind of creative space.

On our website, unique ethnic products are presented in the "Vyshyvanka" section.

Photo © teenergizer.org
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