"Pink Guiana" - the rarest and most expensive postage stamp

1 July 2022, 16:00
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One of the most famous philatelic treasures is the Pink Guiana stamp. Collectors nicknamed her the Princess of Philately for a reason: only one copy of the stamp has survived all over the world, the value of which today exceeds $ 9 million.

The history of the birth of the brand is special. In 1856, the postmaster of British Guiana (English colony) E.T.E. Dalton requested that a batch of stamps be made from Great Britain. When it became clear that the ship with the circulation would not sail, the head urgently ordered that a series of three types of stamps be printed by a printing house in Georgetown. Two stamps with a face value of 4 cents were used to pay postage. The one-cent stamp paid for the delivery of the press.

There were no teeth in the design of the stamp, as in all old stamps. The decision to place the image of a two-masted sailboat in the center of the frame with numbers belongs to the engravers Joseph Baum and William Dallas. At the official level, the stamp was called "British Guiana", but because of the faded red tint, philatelists began to call it "Pink Guiana". The quality of the brand left much to be desired. To avoid mass forgery, Dalton instructed postal employees to leave their initials on the products.

It is possible to trace the history of "Pink Guiana" for certain since 1873. It was then that a schoolboy from Scotland, L. Vernon Vaughan, found the stamp from his uncle. The boy collected stamps, but he thought that the copy he found was of no value. L. Vernon Vaughan sold it for a couple of shillings to the philatelist N.R. McKinnon, who, as part of the collection, donated the stamp to a Liverpool merchant, Thomas Ridpath. In 1878, Baron Philipp von Ferrari bought the stamp for £150. According to the will, after the death of the collector, "Pink Guinea" was to become an exhibit of the Berlin Museum of Communications. But the collection went to France, which demanded reparations from Germany after the First World War. Shortly thereafter, Arthur Hind bought the unique product for 352,5000 francs at auction. 350 thousand dollars was the price at the auction held in 1980. But the status of the most expensive brand "Pink Guiana" received in the summer of 2014. Stuart Weitzman (American shoe designer) offered US$9,480,000 for a copy.

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