24 December 2022, 21:29

Oschadbank presented an exclusive series of 5 patriotic coins

Oschadbank presented an exclusive series of 5 patriotic coins
The release of a series of silver coins from Oschadbank can be considered the logical end of the year for numismatists. In these coins, everything is thought out, starting with information drives. And this is the work of more than one day, not even a week or a month.

Even at the beginning of the war, Oschadbank, together with a company representing mints, ordered a series of silver coins that reflect the heroic resistance of the Ukrainian people to the army of the invader.

The patriotic series was officially presented on December 19.

The development of the design of the coins was entrusted to the masters of the mint based on the materials provided by the representatives of the bank. The images symbolize the unity, courage, strength and invincibility of the Ukrainian people.

One of the episodes of the struggle of Ukrainians against the enemy is engraved on each of the coins.

For example, the coin "Chornobaivka — Southern Shield of Ukraine" is dedicated to the events near Kherson. The Armed Forces of Ukraine in the village of Chornobayivka repeatedly showed professionalism, and Russia once again showed readiness for defeat.

The series included five coins – "Tractor troops of Ukraine", "Ukraine in my heart", "Everything will be a fight!", "Chornobaivka — the southern shield of Ukraine" and, of course, "Russian warship, go...".

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