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Paintings by famous artists that Van Gogh redrawn in his own way

Paintings by famous artists that Van Gogh redrawn in his own way
Among the hundreds of works by Van Gogh, there are several particularly interesting paintings that have become a rethinking of the work of his favorite artists. Most of them the master created in the last years of his life, when he was in a hospital in Saint-Remy. In addition, he wrote several copies in his unique style in Arles and Paris.

One of the copies is the painting "The Good Samaritan", based on the work of the same name by Eugene Delacroix. The image of Van Gogh is mirrored, otherwise the composition is almost indistinguishable from the original. This is an illustration of a biblical story. In the center of the picture, a man puts a wounded man on a horse to help him get to the city. In the distance, the figure of another man can be seen: this is a priest who, hurrying about his business, decided not to stop to help.
The next painting is based on Gustave Dore's engraving "Jail" and is called Prisoners' Walk. The original drawing depicts the courtyard of Newgate Prison, in the middle of which prisoners walk in a circle. Van Gogh brought shades of blue and green to convey a depressive mood. The high prison walls completely hide the outside world and evoke a feeling of claustrophobia.
One of Van Gogh's favorite artists was Jean-Francois Millet, who stood at the origins of the Barbizon school. The Dutch painter turned to a theme close to him - rural life. This time he included only a single figure from Millet's painting "The Sower" in his composition. Unlike the previous work, light shades predominate here, and the central place is occupied by the sun.
The last painting is the result of Van Gogh's passion for Japanese painting. His Bridge in the Rain is based on Hiroshige's engraving Sudden Downpour over the Ohashi Bridge in Atake. The artist was fascinated by minimalistic compositions with an absent linear perspective. Van Gogh repeatedly turned to the work of Hiroshige, combining various elements in his versions of paintings.

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