13 January 2023, 21:54

Lady Di's fashion legacy: The princess's famous dress is up for auction again

Lady Di's fashion legacy: The princess's famous dress is up for auction again
No matter how many dresses a woman has, she will not have enough. Probably, this is exactly what fashionistas of all times are guided by. As for connoisseurs of exquisite outfits of the royal family of Great Britain, there are no exceptions here either.

An eggplant-colored velvet dress — one of the most famous in Princess Diana's wardrobe — will be sold at Sotheby's auction in New York. The auction is scheduled for January 27. It is assumed that 120 thousand dollars will be paid for this exquisite outfit. The amount is significant.

Even if you are not guided solely by the appearance of this outfit, there is a lot to talk about. The princess wore it for an official royal portrait in 1991 and for a Vanity Fair photoshoot in 1997, almost before her death. The author of the strapless dress was couturier Viktor Edelstein. It features a sculpted neckline and a tulip-shaped skirt.

By the way, this outfit is not the first to be put up for auction. It was sold in 1997 for $24,150 at Christie's charity auction, which featured 79 dresses donated by Diana. The total amount of proceeds then reached 3.25 million dollars, which was donated to the fight against AIDS and cancer.

Let's see how the auction ends for this extraordinary Lady Dee outfit.

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