6 February 2023, 17:41

George Eastman Museum: what pictures can be seen in the oldest photo archive?

George Eastman Museum: what pictures can be seen in the oldest photo archive?
Did you know that the George Eastman Museum has the oldest and considered one of the best photo collections in the world?

This collection has hundreds of thousands of exhibits, the first of which date back to 1839. In the collections, one can find works showing all the main photographic processes: from daguerreotypes to digital images.

As for the genres and directions of shooting, they are also diverse - amateur, research, documentary and other photographs.
Why does this museum keep so many different pictures? The answer lies in the name of George Eastman. The inventor and philanthropist is widely known among people who are interested in photography. The founder of Eastman Kodak set a goal in 1888 to turn cameras into widely available devices.

Eastman's company followed the intended strategy - created many devices and materials for them. For his technical contribution to the film industry, the head of the company was awarded two stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame.

And since the 1940s, the former Eastman mansion has housed one of the largest, oldest, and perhaps most impressive collection of photographs in the world. The building is equipped with climate-controlled vaults, exhibition galleries, libraries, offices and laboratories for the preservation of photographs and films.

Among the famous names whose work is kept in the George Eastman Museum, you will meet Andy Warhol, Andreas Feininger, Alvin Langdon Coburn, David Levinthal and others.

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