15 March 2023, 14:50

A yellow beast from the 1970s: a rare car is up for sale

A yellow beast from the 1970s: a rare car is up for sale
This is the only car of its kind in the world. However, according to the documents, The Beast sports car is listed as a Rolls-Royce.

The history of this car began in 1966, when Paul Jameson decided to combine a frame and a Rolls-Royce Merlin aircraft engine called the Meteor, which was designed for use in tanks. Unfortunately, he never managed to finish his project. Although the work started was continued.

Jameson sold the engine and chassis of the future car to British mechanic John Dodd, who completed the design with a fiberglass body in 1972. Additionally, he modified a General Motors Turbo 400 3-speed automatic to work with the massive V12.
The technical characteristics of the car turned out to be extraordinary. It was noted that during the test races of the Royal Automobile Club in 1973, this "Yellow Beast" reached a speed of almost 300 km/h.

Later, the car was damaged by fire. Of course, this led to external and internal changes. The original engine was replaced with a new one with identical specifications, and instead of the already familiar body, the Shooting Brake version flaunted itself.
Interestingly, this car was once equipped with a Rolls-Royce grille. In this way, the developers wanted to show their respect for the engine. However, as it turned out, this was not a very good idea. The company sued the owner and won. Although the car is even now listed as a Rolls-Royce in British registration documents.

It was recently put up for auction in the UK. It remains only to guess what price will be reached after the final bid.

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