24 March 2023, 17:54

An exceptional find that adorns the Chicago Museum of Natural Sciences

An exceptional find that adorns the Chicago Museum of Natural Sciences
How to call a person with an inordinate thirst for knowledge of the environment. A person who does not have a degree, but wants to learn something new about the world in which he lives. A vivid example is Susan Hendrickson, who was born and raised in the state of Indiana.

She was always a person who could not sit still. She was extremely fascinated by the search for everything that was somehow related to the past. Studying endangered species of tropical fish, searching for amber. One of the recent hobbies is the study of fossils.
In 1990, while studying the rocky terrain of South Dakota, she came across a strange ledge. Excavations began, as a result of which the young woman found a giant bone, then another, and finally, with a team of the same enthusiasts, she unearthed a huge Tyrannosaurus skeleton.

Now this giant is considered the pride of the Chicago Museum of Natural Sciences. This is the most complete extant copy. The dimensions of the prehistoric predator's skeleton are impressive - 12.3 m long and 4 m high.
And while this giant amazes museum visitors, Susan Hendrickson continues to look for traces of the past in the present. Some scientists have even begun to joke about the girl, as if when she goes on her walks, science freezes in anticipation.

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