26 July 2022, 16:22

Collecting: we analyze the most common reasons

Collecting: we analyze the most common reasons
Every tenth person on the planet has a passion for gathering at the genetic level. But the number of reasons that can inspire this activity is almost impossible to count. Let's analyze the most common of them.
The reason for collecting may be an unconscious desire to preserve and increase objects that remind of some happy moment in life. For example, a growing child can fill the emotional void from entering an independent life with objects that are pleasant to him. Quite often they become the objects of the first collections - posters, autographed sports cards and scale models.
Not far from this feeling, pride in the opportunity to possess a unique thing has gone. This feeling is enhanced even at the stage of discovery, and reaches its apotheosis after its acquisition. After all, such a “curiosity” is able to distinguish a collector from others, to cause recognition and admiration from others.
Someone in collecting is attracted by the feeling of hunting, the anticipation of a valuable trophy. After all, finding a certain item, making it part of your collection, which later needs to be expanded, is another quest. The same principle can be followed in obtaining knowledge that needs to be developed in a particular area of ​​collecting.
However, there are those who turn their hobby into a profitable investment. After all, it is obvious that coins, precious jewelry, objects of fine art, etc. can be a profitable investment. However, not everyone can turn their hobby into a profitable enterprise, because financial literacy will also become important here.
Some people start collecting simply to expand their social circle. They attend meetings with like-minded people, find new acquaintances among the same collectors. They interact by exchanging exhibits or buying/selling them. Being in their environment, such people feel comfortable.
There may be many reasons, but all collectors, including users of the Violity website, are united by a passion for systematizing and organizing objects, and the emotions or stories associated with them.
Do you consider yourself a collector? For a long time? And can you answer why you started collecting?
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