28 March 2023, 21:57

BMW Museum in Munich: what do extraordinary cars with history look like?

BMW Museum in Munich: what do extraordinary cars with history look like?
For some reason, BMW and Munich are said to be impossible to imagine without each other. BMW is what Munich is. You can confirm or deny this by visiting the nearby museum and exhibition center. At least it can help solve this issue.

When you approach this place, you realize that this is the entire universe of BMW. The center for issuing ready-made cars, the exhibition site, the venue for various events was opened in 2007. And during this time, it turned into one of the most popular sights of Bavaria and Munich.
It is impossible to forget your first visit. You are waiting for an introduction to the constantly updated model range of "Bavarians", an analysis of the functioning of various systems in the car. You will learn about all innovations in the field of technology, design, organization of car production.
But the BMW museum, which was completed before the 1972 Olympics, attracts special attention. In 2004, it was closed for reconstruction, and 4 years later it was reopened. Here, in addition to modern cars with an extraterrestrial design, there are cars and motorcycles of past years.

The museum exposition is lined up in chronological order, which allows you to follow the development path of the automobile brand. Symbolism is added to this by the construction of a spiral, according to which the exhibits reflect the progress in the implementation of technical ideas.
You are first greeted by stands telling the origins of the company, founded by Bavarian entrepreneur Karl Friedrich Rapp in October 1918. It all started with the production of aircraft engines, then powerful motorcycles, and finally cars. By the way, the most valuable of them are presented in the museum.
Among the exhibits are the first, the best or even record-breaking of their kind. For example, in 1919, a powerful BMW engine lifted the airplane of desperate pilot Franz Diemer to a record height of 9,760 m. Ten years later, motor racer Ernst Henne on a BMW motorcycle set a world speed record of 216 km/h. In 1936, the first BMW 326 four-door sedans hit the German autobahns.
You can talk about this place for a long time. It's better to see it and I hope the photos can convey at least a fraction of my delight in these extraordinary exhibits.

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