3 April 2023, 15:01

The first and unusual one: why was this iPhone sold for $40,000?

The first and unusual one: why was this iPhone sold for $40,000?
Another auction that sold an Apple product from the past took place recently. The first generation iPhone in an unpacked box went under the hammer for $40,000. Why did connoisseurs of the apple manufacturer give such an amount? It should be understood.

The uniqueness of this lot is that there was a "Lucky You" sticker on top of the packaging film. And additionally, this sticker contained the company logo. This smartphone was a contest prize and the seller managed to win it.
As proof that there is a real iPhone in the box, representatives of the auction house provided an X-ray of what was inside. This includes all accessories, including a smartphone, charger, wires, headphones, documentation and even a special cloth.

At the end of the bidding, the final bid reached $40,320. It was noted that this price is almost the same as the price of the Tesla Model 3.

Judging by these trades, it can be assumed that the price of such gadgets will only increase over time. And years later, they will be sold at an even higher price.


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