14 May 2023, 22:29

Accidental find: an 8-year-old girl came across a Neolithic dagger

Accidental find: an 8-year-old girl came across a Neolithic dagger
While playing on the territory of her school, 8-year-old Eliza came across an unusual find. At first it seemed to her that these were just stones of an unusual shape. However, later this discovery shocked everyone.

The "stones" were studied by Westland County archaeologists. They conducted a detailed analysis of the find and determined the era to which it could belong. It turned out to be a flint dagger made by Stone Age people 3700 years ago.
According to Westland Municipality archaeologist Louise Bjerre Petersen, this 12-centimeter tool is a very rare find. Flint, a hard sedimentary rock, does not occur naturally in Norway, so this dagger could have come from the territory of modern Denmark.

Researchers assume that the found dagger belongs to the New Stone Age or Neolithic. At that time, prehistoric people began to create stone tools and domesticate plants and animals, build permanent villages, and develop crafts such as pottery.

As for the further fate of the find, it was decided to include it in the catalog of finds and use it for research in the University Museum.

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