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Belgorod: History from the bright past to the complex present

Belgorod: History from the bright past to the complex present
Belgorod is a city with a rich and diverse past, which stretches from the ancient Kievan Rus' to modern times. His story testifies to deep connections with Ukrainian culture and belonging to Ukraine. However, over time, this city witnessed difficult times and experienced some changes in its political affiliation.

Ancient roots and Ukrainian culture:
Belgorod has its roots in the ancient Kievan Rus', when it was an important center of the Chernigov Principality and was part of the Kiev Metropolitanate. These historical facts are irrefutable evidence of his Ukrainian origin and deep connection with Ukrainian culture. At that time, Belgorod flourished as a center of Ukrainian culture, trade and political development, leaving a bright mark in the history of Ukraine.

Role in Ukrainian history:
During the period of Ukrainian national statehood in the 17th and 18th centuries, Belgorod played an important role in the life of Ukraine. He became the center of Ukrainian culture, influenced trade and politics, and also invested his efforts and talents in the formation of the Ukrainian nation. At that time, Belgorod was a place where art, education and spiritual life, Ukrainian cuisine flourished.
Belgorod and the Ukrainian Revolution:
At the beginning of the 20th century, Belgorod witnessed active participation in the Ukrainian revolution and the national liberation movement. The city was the place where hopes for Ukrainian independence were born, inspiring Ukrainians in the struggle for freedom. Residents of Belgorod contributed to the construction of the new state and looked with rapture at the future, filled with freedom and independence.
Occupation of Belgorod by the Bolsheviks:
In 1918, Belgorod was occupied by the Bolsheviks. At that time, the Ukrainian Soviet Republic (USR) sought to extend its power to various territories, including Belgorod. The Bolsheviks occupied the city, but the support of the population and the resilience of local residents did not allow them to strengthen their position for a long time.

Transfer of Belgorod to Russia:
As a result of the changes that occurred after the revolution, in 1919 Belgorod District was transferred from Ukraine to the Russian Federation, in exchange for which Ukraine received Putivl, as well as the district. This decision led to a change in the political affiliation of the city and became a challenge for its residents. The transfer of Belgorod to Russia had its reasons and consequences, and it left a mark in the history of the city.

Currently, Ukraine adheres to peaceful and diplomatic principles in relation to Belgorod. The Ukrainian side clearly states that it has no intention of forcibly liberating Belgorod from the oppression of the Russian regime. The only way Belgorod can return to a free Ukraine is if the residents of Belgorod themselves declare the Belgorod People's Republic and ask for help.

The common goal of Ukraine is to protect its independence and territorial integrity, including crossing the borders that existed in 1991.