4 July 2023, 15:27

Precious metals and precious stones of the highest quality — the most expensive chess set in the world

Precious metals and precious stones of the highest quality — the most expensive chess set in the world
Chess is considered the best game for the development of strategy and intelligence, which has fascinated millions of people for centuries. However, apart from the intellectual appeal, chess can be transformed into works of art. Let's delve into the realm of luxury and present to you the world's most expensive chess set, where craftsmanship meets luxury.

The author of this extraordinary chess idea was the Australian artist Colin Burn. To implement his project, he used precious metals and precious stones of the highest quality. By the way, only three such sets were produced, and each one has a unique number and a jewelry quality certificate. The cost of such a set is $4 million.

The chess pieces of the set have the standard design of 1849, which is considered the only one for chess pieces allowed in world championships. The figures are made of 18-carat white gold, covered with rhodium. Encrusted with small diamonds, Ceylon blue sapphires and pearls: silver-white Australian and black. This chess set is surprisingly aptly named The Pearl Royale.
Each detail is hand-carved with extreme precision and embellished with precious stones, adding a touch of luxury to the set. The white pieces are decorated with exquisite white pearls, while the black pieces have black pearls, creating a striking contrast on the board.

The king and queen are adorned with dazzling diamonds, symbolizing their regal majesty on the chessboard. Their "subjects" with intricate details and high craftsmanship radiate a sense of nobility and power. As Coln Burn said, he wanted to create the most beautiful chess set within the framework of the royal standard, so the pieces must have all the regalia.
The underside of each piece is intricately set with tiny diamonds, which are then expertly polished to glide smoothly across the crystal glass and diamond-encrusted board.

The first sketches of this extraordinary work appeared back in 2008. The process of creating chess really took a lot of time. This is understandable, because he required undivided attention to perfectly decorate each figure and each element. And just around 2019, the set was exhibited at the ACCA art gallery in Beverly Hills, California.
Grandmaster Fabiano Caruana became the first person in history to play this chess. Caruana was joined by Grand Master Robert Hess and International Master Danny Rensch.
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