13 July 2023, 12:56

600 kg of ancient Roman coins is an impressive find, even years later

600 kg of ancient Roman coins is an impressive find, even years later
This find was made public back in 2016, when 19 amphorae filled with ancient coins were found near Seville, Spain. 600 kg of bronze coins dated to the end of the 3rd - beginning of the 4th century AD. At that time, archaeologists called the find from the Park of Olivar del Zaudin, a small Seville town of Tomares, unique not only for Spain, but probably for the whole world. So far the situation has not changed.

The finders of amphorae with coins were preceded by construction work on laying the road. The workers stumbled upon this extraordinary ancient hiding place. Since the coins were in amphorae, and the amphorae were placed in a room that was covered with bricks and pottery remains, they were well preserved.
After the coins were delivered to the Archaeological Museum of Seville, researchers began their cleaning, restoration and identification. It was discovered that the coins were minted during the reigns of Emperors Maximian (286-305) and Constantine (306-337). The vast majority of coins are made of bronze, but some were coated with a thin layer of silver, which is 4-5% of the coin's weight.

Amphorae, in which the coins were placed, also attracted the attention of archaeologists. 9 out of 19 capacities remained undamaged, all others were damaged by the excavator bucket. Their shape and size differed from the standard ones, where wine, grain or oil were transported at that time. The amphorae in which the coins were found were somewhat smaller, probably intended for their storage.
According to archaeologists, these coins were intended to pay soldiers or civil servants. It could also be taxes collected for transfer to the treasury. In any case, Italian researchers noted that it was one of the largest known caches of late Roman coins.

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