28 July 2023, 14:10

A ceramic jar filled to the brim with coins from the Middle Ages was unearthed in Romania.

A ceramic jar filled to the brim with coins from the Middle Ages was unearthed in Romania.
In Bihor, a county in Romania, metal detectorists found an incredible find!

Raoul Vlad Suta and Silvia Tamas published the history of the search with unique photos in the group "Detectie Metal - Comunitatea Arheologilor Amatori din Romania" y Facebook.
Netizens congratulate the men and note: "This is the real dream of every metal detector!".
Raoul, Silviu and Ion Vlad say that on Sunday they went to the forest to rest, taking a lot of food with them. The men rested and joked that they couldn't even stay awake after a hearty dinner. But encouraging each other, as Raul writes, they went for a walk in the forest.
At the end of the day, at some point there was a short but steady signal, I took the shovel to work, and when I turned the lump of earth on top, I noticed a small silver coin, as if pulled from a pocket. The second coin went, the third, and my colleagues who were nearby joined me around the perimeter."
"Adrenaline at its maximum", describes the feeling of Raul. "We excavated around the object, carefully extracting it along with several pieces of pottery that probably belong to the vessel. We had tears of joy, our eyes widened with surprise, we instantly forgot about fatigue, full bellies, heat and insects."
The unique treasure consists of more than 4,868 small coins of Hungarian dinars (it is impossible to count exactly yet, because a large number glued together), 3 silver thalers, and 4 unidentified larger coins.
The weight of the excavated treasure is about 4.5 kg, and the weight of the coins is about 3 kg. The ceramic vessel with the money lay at a depth of 25-30 cm underground.
They date the find to 1500-1550.
The men handed over the found relics to the city hall. Next, the coins and vessel will go through identification, inventory and restoration.
Romanian law requires anyone who finds artifacts to report the find to local authorities within 72 hours. Also, according to the law, metal detectors have the right to a reward of 30-40% of the officially determined value of the treasure.
Of course, this is nice, but not the most important thing, searchers note.

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