13 September 2022, 12:35

First and marked — a wartime envelope from Ukrposhta

First and marked — a wartime envelope from Ukrposhta
The national postal operator "Ukrposhta" announced the release of the first stamped wartime envelope. This is a kind of support for the Ukrainian military from Ukrposhta.
The symbolic labeled envelope bears the inscription "Welcome to hell". This phrase can describe the place where, according to the general director of Ukrposhta, the occupiers will get after meeting with the Armed Forces of Ukraine.
It looks like a normal envelope. Sender and recipient address. But the picture that is under the lines to fill in the sender touches. It depicts the back of the head of a man whom the whole world hates today. And this image is complemented by a sign signature and a new stamp in the form of a trident.
If we return to the words of Igor Smilyansky, General Director of Ukrposhta, then thanks to the actions of the Armed Forces of Ukraine, events are taking place that are simply impossible to document. The first marked wartime envelope is an opportunity to do this in relation to philatelic products.
Interestingly, a solution with such a design is the result of a popular vote. About 200 thousand Ukrainians gave their votes to this appearance of the envelope.
The new envelope will be sent across the territory of Ukraine.
First of all, collectors, active users of the "Philately" section on Violity will be happy with the first marked wartime envelope.

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