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Interesting lot. "Lumberjacks" by Havrylo Gluck

Interesting lot. "Lumberjacks" by Havrylo Gluck
Havrylo Gluck (1912-1983) is Ukrainian painter of Jewish origin, Honored Art Worker of the Ukrainian SSR, one of the founders of the postwar Transcarpathian school of landscape.

Gluck received his artistic education in Budapest and Kishinev. With the beginning of World War II he was mobilized into the labor army, all his relatives perished as a result of the Holocaust.
Gavriil Glück. Self-portrait
Gavriil Glück. Self-portrait
He moved to Transcarpathia after the war. The artist lived and worked in Uzhgorod, where a monument to him was erected in 2012.

On his genre paintings you can often see workers: collective farmers in the fields, woodcutters in the forest. 
"Lumberjacks", 1954
It was just such a subject that brought him European recognition. His work "Woodcutters" created in 1954 was awarded a large silver medal at the World Exhibition in Brussels.
"Woodcutters on the Watch", 1950
Observing the process of logging, Gluck painted more than one picture and made many sketches. Here is the one of them. 
"Lumberjacks", 1970s
"Lumberjacks" fragment
It was painted in the seventies and measures 70×42 cm.

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