17 September 2022, 18:21

Archaeologists from China found a huge bronze "beast" in the Mound of three stars

Archaeologists from China found a huge bronze "beast" in the Mound of three stars
Just over a week ago, Chinese media received information from archaeologists who were excavating at Sanxingdui, also known as the Mound of the Three Stars. The latter managed to discover a huge statue of a mythical animal.

The weight of the bronze "beast" was about 150 kg, which made it the largest of the discovered objects on the territory of the ancient burial. And, if earlier, archaeologists managed to find other figurines here, the size of which did not exceed 20-30 cm, then the new find simply stunned them.
On the horns of the beast is a tall, thin man whose presence, according to the research team, indicates control over the animal. Another feature is the engraving on the chest in the form of a sacred tree.

The bronze figurine makes a significant contribution to the collection of artifacts found due to its size and grandeur. Some researchers even compared the discovery of the figurine with the discovery of some artifacts from the Terracotta Army.

The first excavations on the territory of the Kurgan of Three Stars began in 1927. Since then, archaeologists have discovered many items. But there was no such impressive in size and mystery as the recent "bronze" beast. No wonder Sanxingdui is considered the largest archaeological site in China.

The mound is located next to the ancient city, founded presumably between 2000 and 1600 BC.

The first major find of archaeologists was the discovery in 1986 of a pit for sacrifice with more than 800 figurines. The bronze objects found were striking in their craftsmanship, including the largest and oldest human figure in full growth.
After finding the first two sacrificial pits, starting in 2019, archaeologists managed to find several more. Inside were objects made of gold, jade, ivory and bronze.

In total, during the entire period of excavations, about 13 thousand artifacts were found.

What other secrets the Mound of Three Stars keeps can only be guessed at.

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