6 September 2023, 19:01

Teen discovers 34-million-year-old whale skull at family home in Alabama

Teen discovers 34-million-year-old whale skull at family home in Alabama
An Alabama high school student and her teacher have discovered the fossils of a whale that lived 34 million years ago.
This creature was most likely a predatory whale that lived during the Eocene era (from 56 to 33.9 million years ago), when the water level was higher and the state of Alabama was covered with salt water.
Lindsey Stallworth, 16, and her teacher at the Alabama School of Math and Science, were excavating the Stallworth family's summer home in Monroe County as part of a summer school project that previously contained fossilized shark teeth.
Literally after a few hours of searching, they found huge bones. "We saw something and couldn't believe our eyes, what was it?" Stallworth said.
The exact species of the whale is yet to be established. During the Eocene era, Alabama was home to numerous primitive whales, including Basilosaurus cetoides, a fierce marine mammal that lived 34-40 million years ago and reached a length of up to 25 meters. The new specimen may represent a species not previously known in the Basilosauridae family.

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