9 September 2023, 13:05

Almost human-sized: the bone of a prehistoric elephant was found in Kenya

Almost human-sized: the bone of a prehistoric elephant was found in Kenya
British paleontologist Dr. Julien Lubick, who studies fossils, managed to discover the bone of a giant extinct elephant. This happened during routine field research in an area near Lake Turkana in Kenya.

The nearly intact humerus, more than 1 meter long, belonged to an extinct giant elephant known as Palaeoloxodon recki. Its dimensions indicate that the height of the extinct animal significantly exceeded the height of modern elephants. After all, the length of their shoulder bones usually does not exceed 70 cm.
Julien Lubik noted that the early ancestors of man were extremely lucky because they could witness this incredible animal that lived in East Africa from 3 million to 400 thousand years ago.

The scientist added that Palaeoloxodon recki is a species of elephant of colossal size, which reached a height of up to 4 meters. From the Miocene to the Holocene, it lived in Africa and the Arabian Peninsula, until it was probably displaced from there by elephants of the genus Loxodonta.
This evolutionary chain was later continued by Palaeoloxodon namadicus, which eventually became the largest species of elephant with straight tusks.

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