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23 September 2022, 12:59

Chest of Cardinal Borromeo's Religious Receivers sold on Violity

Chest of Cardinal Borromeo's Religious Receivers sold on Violity
Chests always evoke thoughts of some kind of secrets, hidden compartments where ancient precious jewelry is stored. It feels like these items are just made for secrets. And what secret did this chest hold?
According to the seller's description, it belonged to the religious successors of Carlo Borromeo. One of the most powerful and influential cardinals in the history of the papacy. Inferior in influence, only to Cardinal Richelieu.
Carlo Borromeo was considered one of the most prominent figures of the Counter-Reformation, the initiator of the reform of monastic orders. The cardinal was portrayed as a swarthy man who had an aristocratic appearance and wore clothes to match his spiritual dignity. His attributes included a crucifix, a rope for a penitent, a skull and a chalice.
The Borromeo family is a religious dynasty, which to this day has representatives in Catholicism in "general" positions. However, it is impossible to say specifically which of the bishops (archbishops or cardinals) this chest was intended for: it is only indisputable that this is a representative of the Borromeo clan.
Chests in the Middle Ages were considered the main and one might say universal pieces of furniture. After all, they often played the role of tables, chairs, beds. And, of course, they were used for their intended purpose - for storing clothes, household items, and valuables.
They were covered with leather and decorated with carved ornaments and precious stones. Craftsmen used different woods. The lids were fastened to the body with iron hinges. And, of course, a mandatory attribute is a castle. After all, it was necessary not only to lock a beautiful chest, but also to keep valuables in it so that descendants would remember the history of the family.

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