24 September 2023, 10:05

The Art of Modern Japan: The Glass Boxes of Kyohei Fujita

The Art of Modern Japan: The Glass Boxes of Kyohei Fujita
Kyohei Fujita, one of the leading glass artists of the 20th century, is known for his boxes decorated with colorful abstract patterns. In his early years of creativity, Fujita studied at the enterprise of another famous artist, Toshichi Iwata, a major authority in Japan in the field of modern glass craft. Fujita used a rather complex technique for making works. The master melted glass of several colors and applied it to the base, and then used a diamond file to cut off several layers. The size of the smallest boxes is 6x12x6, the size of the largest pieces is 14x19x20 cm.
After Fujita left his teacher's company, Iwata Glass Company, he took every opportunity to turn to various workshops to bring his own designs to life. In 1957, he held his first solo exhibition, by which time he already had awards received at other events. In 1970, the artist joined the Japan Crafts Association, and together with other artists founded the Japan Glass Art Association.
Many of Fujita's works are decorated with a thin layer of silver and gold leaf. Such boxes are completely covered with patterns that refer to classical works, for example, the artist’s screens of the 17th–18th centuries. Ogates of Korin.
In addition to boxes, Fujita created other glass items: bottles, vases, bowls, etc. His works can be seen in the Victoria and Albert Museum, the Metropolitan Museum of Art and various galleries. The cost varies, usually from several hundred to several thousand dollars per copy.

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