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Info Violity
27 September 2022, 14:44

An album-book with the stories of Ukrainian artists and their paintings is exhibited at Violity

An album-book with the stories of Ukrainian artists and their paintings is exhibited at Violity
The stories of Ukrainian women artists and their paintings were written in the first 111 days, starting from February 24 to June 14, 2022.

Some time ago, we already mentioned this project of the Kyiv publishing house "Salyutis" and the Chernihiv Art Museum. Grigory Galagan. However, this was back when the album could only be bought in an electronic version.
Today, you can immerse yourself in real stories conveyed through fine art in the printed version of the album. Books-albums displayed on Violity's website in the "Bouquinistes" section.

The history of war in real time, collected in one INVICTA album. This book will introduce you to the works of female artists who were forced to leave their homes while fleeing the war. Each picture carries an understanding of pain, worries, fears. This is what permeates the paintings of Kateryna Dudnyk, Svitlana Leontieva, and Natalia Shirant. And many, many other talented Ukrainian women.
However, each of the artists, the authors of the project and all those who have seen this album-book at least once, have firm confidence that Ukraine will win. That people will return to their homes, rebuild destroyed cities, continue to live a normal life. But they will never forget what happened and will forever remember the heroes.

We would like to remind you that the publication of the album took place under the patronage of the People's Artist of Ukraine, one of the most famous women of our country, Ada Rogovtseva. Deep understanding, sensitivity, empathy — all this was reflected in the annotation, the author of which Ada Mykolaivna worked hard.
Like any other Ukrainian project, INVICTA does not remain aloof regarding the situation in Ukraine. Therefore, the organizers decided to transfer most of the funds from the sale of the photo album to help the Armed Forces and restore the museum named after Grigory Galagan.

In conclusion, I would like to mention the words of Ada Mykolaivna about this album:
"The album is on fire. I see how a woman's soul burns, how brushes and paints turn into weapons"

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