29 September 2023, 09:29

"The land of superheroes. Thanks to the energy workers!" — a new commemorative coin from the NBU

"The land of superheroes. Thanks to the energy workers!" — a new commemorative coin from the NBU
As a sign of gratitude, the National Bank of Ukraine issued a commemorative coin dedicated to the hardworking and dedicated energy workers of Ukraine. This initiative emphasizes the important role played by the energy industry in ensuring the progress and development of the country.

The decision of the National Bank of Ukraine to issue a commemorative coin as a sign of gratitude to energy workers is evidence of the important role they play in the economic and social well-being of the country. This coin is a symbol of the nation's gratitude for tireless efforts aimed at ensuring a stable and reliable energy supply to households, industry and institutions throughout Ukraine.
The design of the new commemorative coin was created by the well-known Ukrainian artist, illustrator, graphic designer Serhiy Maidukov.

The obverse is decorated with a stylized composition symbolizing the energy system of Ukraine. A sunflower blossom is placed on the mirror background, each petal of which, like a lantern, illuminates the country.

On the reverse, in the form of three immovable blocks, a stylized trident is depicted, which during the rotation of the coin transforms into the letter "E", which is the first letter in the word "Energy".

The new coin with a denomination of five hryvnias is made of nickel silver, its circulation is up to 50,000 pieces.

The energy sector is the basis of any modern society, and Ukraine is no exception. Energy companies are responsible for the production, distribution and maintenance of electricity and other basic energy resources. They work tirelessly, often in difficult conditions, to keep homes heated, lights on and industrial plants running smoothly.
During the performance of official duties, energy workers face numerous difficulties. These challenges include operating in hazardous environments, maintaining aging infrastructure, and adapting to a changing energy landscape. In addition, they must constantly improve energy efficiency and explore sustainable energy sources to solve environmental problems.

The release of this commemorative coin is not only a gesture of thanks, but also a reminder of the importance of supporting and investing in the energy sector. This underscores the need for continued efforts to improve working conditions, strengthen safety measures, and provide training and development opportunities for energy workers.


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