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Conflict between Israel and Gaza: Origins and Causes

Conflict between Israel and Gaza: Origins and Causes
The conflict between Israel and the Gaza Strip is a long-term tension that has its roots in history and is caused by a variety of factors. In this article we will look at the origins and main causes of this conflict.

How was the territory divided? 

The roots of the conflict between Israel and the Palestinian territories, including the Gaza Strip, go deep into the past. After World War II and the Holocaust, in 1947 the United Nations decided to divide Palestine into two states: Jewish and Arab. This decision led to the formation of the State of Israel in 1948, which sparked protests from Arab countries and Palestinians. Since then, a series of armed conflicts and wars began, as a result of which Israel occupied territories, including the Gaza Strip.

Causes of the conflict

One of the main causes of conflict is territorial disputes. Israel controls most of the territory in the West Bank and Gaza Strip, which causes protests from the Palestinians and many countries around the world. The Palestinians demand the creation of an independent state of Palestine on this land and a complete lifting of the blockade of the Gaza Strip.
Religious and ethnic differences also play an important role in the conflict. Sacred sites are identified by different groups and this increases conflict on religious grounds. Jews and Muslims have deep historical ties to this land, making it important to both sides.

The Gaza Strip is rich in natural resources, including gas fields, which are of strategic importance to Israel. Control over these resources has become the subject of disputes, increasing tensions in the region.

Today: Escalating conflict between Israel and Gaza

Preparations for the invasion of Gaza.
Preparations for the invasion of Gaza.

Saturday morning brought a new wave of violence across the Middle East as militants from the Palestinian Hamas movement launched a massive attack on Israel, taking the Jewish state's defenses by surprise. This attack occurred exactly 50 years after the outbreak of the Yom Kippur War, which left deep scars in the history of this region.
Israel responded to the attack by launching a military operation called "Iron Swords." The army press service reported that dozens of Israeli fighter jets struck Hamas targets in the Gaza Strip.
Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said: "We are in a state of war, not just a military operation, but a war." He promised that Hamas would "pay a price it has never known" and ordered the military to clear Palestinian militants from cities.

Israeli Defense Minister Yoav Galant has imposed a "special security situation" in central Israel and the south of the country following rocket attacks from the Gaza Strip. This action gives the IDF the authority to secure and close essential facilities within a radius of 0 to 80 km from the Gaza Strip.

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