8 October 2023, 15:48

Exclusive Caviar iPhone 15 Pro Max presented—Parade of the Planets Golden

Exclusive Caviar iPhone 15 Pro Max presented—Parade of the Planets Golden
The world of luxury smartphones has a new crown holder. Caviar, known for its outstanding and luxurious phones, has unveiled its masterpiece – Caviar iPhone 15 Pro Max – Parade of the Planets Golden.
More than just a communication device, this smartphone is a work of art that combines cutting-edge technology with heavenly elegance.

Design and materials

The body of this device is based on blackened titanium, a material that is widely used in the space industry due to its reliability and durability. Inspired by iconic space designs such as the Proton-M engine and the Falcon 9 rocket, this smartphone looks cutting-edge.
Its decorative frame is double gold-plated using Double Electroplated technology, making the device not only luxurious, but also unique.
On the back of the smartphone you will find a stylized “Parade of Planets” from Mercury to Saturn, each planet depicted with sophistication. The centerpiece is the mesmerizing bouillon movement, located at 6 o'clock. Real meteorites from Mars and the Moon are also built inside the case, and celestial bodies from deep space are hidden in the schematically depicted Mercury, Venus, and Jupiter.

There are only 8 such smartphones in the world, in accordance with the number of planets in the solar system.
Caviar provides an international certificate of authenticity with five levels of protection and a personal certificate to the owner along with the device. The warranty for this model is 1 year, and for mechanical watches – 2 years. Even after the warranty period has expired, the Caviar service center is always ready to provide assistance.
The price of this device (1Tb version) is $17,340.

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