14 October 2023, 11:25

The mysterious museum of devils: what does the collection of more than 3000 exhibits look like?

The mysterious museum of devils: what does the collection of more than 3000 exhibits look like?
The picturesque city of Kaunas, located in the heart of Lithuania, can boast of a unique and mysterious attraction - the museum of devils. This museum is the only institution in the world dedicated entirely to these malevolent supernatural beings.

The Museum of Devils was born out of artist Antanas Žmujdinavicius' passionate desire to preserve and share the rich folklore of devils, witches and forest spirits. The man has dedicated his life to collecting these ominous figures and artifacts, amassing a treasure trove of demonic imagery from around the world.
In 1906, Antanas Zmuijdzinavičius received a small imp as a gift. At first, he decided to increase the number of exhibits in his collection to 13 pieces. As soon as his relatives and friends found out about the unusual hobby of the artist, they began to bring him thematic items literally every day. As a result, the collection grew to 260 specimens.

The museum was created in 1966 on the basis of the artist's private collection. Today, more than 3,000 exhibits are stored here - figurines of the devil, masks, paintings, sculptures and other thematic items. They come from many cultures and regions, giving visitors a truly global perspective on the depiction of these malevolent creatures.
What sets this museum apart is its commitment to preserving devil-related artifacts from various countries and cultures. Visitors can explore the diabolical variety, from the horned Krampus of alpine folklore to the mischievous Kokopelli, revered by some Native American cultures in the American Southwest.

The Museum of Devils in Kaunas is a testament to the world's fascination with supernatural beings. This place has become a fascinating global repository of diabolical folklore, containing examples from cultures around the world.

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