14 October 2023, 21:40

"Okavango Blue Diamond" is a precious stone of incomparable beauty

"Okavango Blue Diamond" is a precious stone of incomparable beauty
The Okavango Blue Diamond, a 20.46-carat oval-shaped masterpiece, is a rare gem that was recently discovered. It was discovered at the famous Orapa mine in Botswana.

The "Okavango blue diamond" was found in one of the most productive diamond mines in the world - the Orapa mine. Operated by Debswana, a joint venture between the Botswana government and global diamond giant De Beers, this mine has a long history of producing high quality diamonds. However, even among the many finds, this blue stone stands out as a "once-in-a-lifetime find."
After the opening at the Orapa mine, the "Okavango Blue Diamond" went on a "journey". It was sent to a laboratory for certification and evaluation. The certification process involves evaluating color, clarity and carat weight. The stone passed these rigorous tests with flying colors, earning its place among the finest diamonds in the world.

What sets the Okavango Blue Diamond apart is its blue hue. Blue diamonds are among the rarest and most desirable gemstones in the world. Colored diamonds are believed to be extremely rare. Blue, pink, green, purple, orange and red are the rarest of all.
As a rough stone it weighed 41.11 carats, but as a cut diamond it was graded llb "Fancy Deep Blue" and oval brilliant cut, one of the highest polished color grades a blue diamond can be awarded.

Although the future of this precious stone remains uncertain, it will most likely find a "home" among private collectors or in a prestigious museum. Large blue diamonds are extremely rare and are in extreme demand in the gem market. It is possible that the Okavango Blue Diamond will eventually become a fine piece of jewelry.
The Okavango Blue Diamond serves as a reminder of the earth's hidden treasures and the beauty that can be discovered beneath its surface.


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