6 October 2022, 23:28

More than a hundred paintings by Transcarpathian artists were found in the country house of Medvedchuk's wife

More than a hundred paintings by Transcarpathian artists were found in the country house of Medvedchuk's wife
The works of famous Ukrainian artists, luminaries of the Transcarpathian school, were discovered in the country house of the wife of the former People's Deputy Viktor Medvedchuk. Among them were works that have museum and cultural value.

The Transcarpathian school of painting is a painting tradition that was formed in the 1920s-1950s on the basis of Western European art of the early 20th century, on the one hand, and regional folk aesthetics, on the other hand.
Over a certain period of time, the work of the Transcarpathians was distinguished by a penchant for decorativeness, realism and folk art of the Carpathians. This can be seen in the works of the luminaries of the Transcarpathian school, which, among other things, are exhibited by users of the Violity website in the section “Painting and graphics. Author's sculpture".
After reviewing the collection at the request of law enforcement agencies, the researchers of the Transcarpathian Art Museum named after. I. Bokshay discovered several hundred paintings and graphic works. The collection included unique works by Transcarpathian authors. Paintings that have a museum and the highest cultural value.
The list of surnames whose works were in the collection of Medveduchka included the luminaries of the Transcarpathian school - Adalbert Erdeli, Andriy Kotska, Joseph Bokshai, Adalbert Boretsky and others. Also there were the works of their students and followers.

These works could replenish many Ukrainian museums, acquainting contemporaries with the incredible works of Transcarpathian masters.
One of these museums is the Transcarpathian Art Museum. I. Bokshaya. Its specialists are engaged in research, preservation, and popularization of the works of Transcarpathian masters.

If the competent authorities decide to transfer paintings from the collection of the Medvedchuk family to the museum, the discovered works could replenish and enrich the museum collection of Transcarpathian artists. This would be a real decoration of the museum's permanent exhibition.

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