13 November 2023, 14:42

Exclusive 'Bleu Royal' diamond sold for almost $44 million

Exclusive 'Bleu Royal' diamond sold for almost $44 million
Ahead of the luxury gift-giving holiday season, one generous buyer won the auction at Christie's in Geneva, forking out nearly $43.8 million for a unique blue diamond.
The diamond, known as the "Bleu Royal", weighs 17.6 carats and is the largest of its kind, internally flawless diamond ever offered at auction and one of the rarest in the world.

"What makes the Bleu Royal so unique is its size. At 17.6 carats, it makes it the largest of its kind,"said Rahul Kadakia, head of jewelry at Christie's.

According to geologists, these natural wonders formed between the Earth's crust and its core at depths of up to 400 miles, more than 500 million years ago. Owners of blue diamonds likely own something that is over a billion years old. The brilliance of blue diamonds comes from a mineral found deep in the ocean. 

Bleu Royal was part of an important private collection for 50 years. This was the first time this diamond set in a ring was offered at auction.
Blue diamonds over 10 carats are extremely rare. Since Christie's was founded in 1766, only three such stones have been offered for sale - all within the last 13 years. In 2016, a 14.6-carat diamond known as "The Oppenheimer Blue" sold for a record $57.5 million at Christie's.

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