23 November 2023, 13:25

More than one and a half hundred "auto legends" sold at Violity in one lot

More than one and a half hundred "auto legends" sold at Violity in one lot
Last week, a real struggle unfolded in the "Scale models" section: a whole collection of the famous "Auto Legends" series appeared among the active offers.
In total, the lot included 159 mini-replicas of Soviet cars in 1:43 scale. According to the description, there are no replicas in the collection. Three models had a blister that came off. 

"In general, they are intact, in good condition, except maybe a small part fell off somewhere, but everything is inside," the seller said. In addition to a dozen photos, he also added a short video review.
The magazine series "Auto Legends of the USSR" and "Auto Legends of the USSR. The Best" from the Italian publishing house DeAgostini are well known to fans of car modeling. They were launched in 2009 and 2014, respectively. In addition to the model itself, each issue contained the history of the car's creation, technical specifications, modifications, and archival photos. For many collectors, it is a good opportunity to buy quite high-quality models at an affordable price. De Agostini Publishing's representative office in Ukraine opened in 2007 and was liquidated in 2020. The international company still operates on the Russian market.
The lot was active from November 14 to 19 and attracted hundreds of users. They made 551 bids during the auction. As a result, the collection was sold for 37109 UAH. Thus, the collection became one of the most expensive lots in its category. 
However, this lot is far from being a real record holder. Just a month ago, on October 23, 2023, a collection of 130 collectible models, including foreign and rare ones, was sold at Violity for UAH 180000.

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