16 January, 09:29

Christieʼs is selling nearly 900 pieces of art and antiques from the home of Elton John

Christieʼs is selling nearly 900 pieces of art and antiques from the home of Elton John
British rock musician and Grammy Award winner Elton John has shocked his fans by announcing the sale of his luxury home in Atlanta. And after that, he decided to sell off almost 900 objects of art and antiques that used to decorate this residence.

The total value of the collection, according to Christie's auctioneers, exceeds $10 million. Auctions for lots are scheduled for February 21 in New York.
Items formerly in Elton John's home include a pair of stylish silver platform shoes from the 1970s, luxury gold and diamond jewelry, and an orange sapphire Rolex Daytona. A Yamaha piano that used to be in the musician's living room, a large Medusa Red dining set, a 1990 Bentley convertible.

Elton John fans and art connoisseurs will have the opportunity to purchase something special from the photo collection, which presents memorable moments from the life of the singer and his entourage. Special emphasis is placed on the exquisite style of the performer, clothes, shoes and accessories, interior items.
Thanks to this auction, fans have the opportunity to become owners of a piece of history of a musical legend. Such a move on the part of Elton John adds even more emotion to this event, making it one of the key events of the art world at the beginning of 2024.

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