25 October 2022, 22:32

Sold more than expected - a new record for an unopened first-generation iPhone

Sold more than expected - a new record for an unopened first-generation iPhone
Another iPhone, and again unopened. This time, the assumptions of the LCG (London Capital Group) Auctions 2022 auction experts were not confirmed. The price even for them was a surprise. 
The price of many lots put up by users of the Violity website also comes as a surprise. This is especially true for the section “Toys. Games. Video games" and its subsection with video games and game consoles that can be found today as applications on smartphones.
The starting price of products that were once released by Apple was $ 2,500. It was assumed that for an unpacked smartphone, the buyer would get about $ 30,000. Nevertheless, the final bid surprised everyone, including experts - almost $ 40,000.

Why is this iPhone so unique, you ask. You can analyze: an unpacked first-generation smartphone in a package with polyethylene, a barcode and other information.

But this is not the limit. Just a few months ago, in August, a similar lot was sold at another auction for $35,000.

Interest in unopened apple products is easy to explain. There are millions of fans of the brand in the world. And some are so passionate about it that they want to buy the first models for fabulous money.

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