28 January, 20:21

Witchcraft off the frame: what surprises the British Harry Potter museum?

Witchcraft off the frame: what surprises the British Harry Potter museum?
In 2012, Harry Potter fans got a unique opportunity to immerse themselves in the world of their favorite story in reality by visiting the museum created by the Warner Bros. film company. This museum has become a real dream place for fans of the iconic story about the boy wizard.

The museum is located in the pavilions of the famous film studio Warner Bros., in Watford. This place is located not far from London, namely in a suburb called Leavesden.
The large-scale museum complex consists of several locations — the school of wizardry, the house of the young wizard Harry Potter, the village of Hogsmeade, etc.

One of the most interesting stages of the visit is the opportunity to learn the secrets of filmmaking: from the opportunity to look at the props to the secrets of technical innovations and the use of computer graphics. Also, every museum guest can see all the drawings and sketches for the films.
Visitors encounter magic right at the entrance to the museum: in addition to the portraits of the main characters in the hall, they are greeted by a Ford England car stuck under the ceiling - a reminder of the second part of the franchise, when Potter and Ron Weasley crashed it into an old tree - Graham.

Dumbledore's office with portraits of previous directors of the school of magic deserves special attention. After that, you can go to the Gryffindor living room, then the boys' room, where there is a suitcase with Harry Potter's initials under his bed, and things are scattered everywhere. It seems that the heroes are about to return here after school.
The museum is also equipped with a large gift shop where you can buy exclusive Harry Potter souvenirs and merchandise: from books and movies to branded clothes and jewelry.

Harry Potter Museum from Warner Bros. is not just a landmark for fans, but also a great way to immerse yourself in the magical world created on the pages of JK Rowling's books and embodied on the screen thanks to the work of talented people in the film industry.



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