1 February, 10:43

A draft of Harrison Ford's Star Wars script will be sold in London

A draft of Harrison Ford's Star Wars script will be sold in London
The London auction house Excalibur Auctions has prepared a surprise for fans of cult movies. They have an incredible opportunity to purchase a draft of the Star Wars script that belonged to the legendary actor Harrison Ford.

The draft was discovered in the rented London apartment of the actor in 1976. This is the fourth version of the film "Star Wars", which was then called "The Adventures of Luke Starkiller". It reveals not only an early version of the story, but also introduces characters and scenes that did not make it to the final version of the cult film.
The peculiarity of this script is that it is incomplete and unbound, and its pages have different colors. The variety of colors indicates that individual pages have been the subject of editing and reworking, and the non-interlacing indicates their working nature.

The lot is expected to fetch between £8,000 and £12,000 (approx $10,000-15,000). Such significant interest in the draft is due not only to its historical significance, but also to the fact that it belonged to one of the most famous actors in Hollywood and was created at the initial stage of the development of "Star Wars".
In addition, on the back of the script you can see a recording of a meeting with Star Wars producer Robert Watts at London's Browns Hotel on Dover Street. This indicates that the papers with the plot of the film were actively used during the creative exchange of ideas between the key participants of the film.

The lot at Excalibur Auctions is not only a collector's item, but also a unique gift for Star Wars fans who want to deepen their understanding of the iconic film saga.

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