7 February, 11:12

Flute or wand? Scientists managed to understand the purpose of the "magic wand" found in Germany

Flute or wand? Scientists managed to understand the purpose of the "magic wand" found in Germany
For centuries, archaeological finds remained puzzling puzzles that raised many questions. Such mysterious artifacts include a "magic wand" found in an Ice Age parking lot in Germany.

Scientists preferred theories that explained it as an attribute of magical rituals. The numerous holes suggested the possible use of the artifact as a flute or a rod specifically for these lands. However, each hypothesis seemed to be challenged as similar objects were discovered across Europe.
Archaeologists from the University of Tübingen in Germany and their colleagues from the University of Liège in Belgium believe that the purpose of such objects was much more mundane. They were probably used for weaving household items.

According to the study, artifacts with holes were most likely used for weaving ropes. The analysis of the samples revealed that between the holes there were even and evenly spaced recesses, which were responsible for fixing the threads or fibers. In addition, found traces of materials that could be used for weaving, confirm this hypothesis.
"This tool answers the question of how rope was made in the Paleolithic era, a question that has puzzled scientists for decades," the researchers said.

Ropes and threads were extremely important objects in the Paleolithic era, used for tying and fastening weapons, food and clothing.

This new conclusion overturns earlier assumptions about the mystical or religious purpose of such artifacts and opens new horizons for understanding the life and culture of the ancient people of the Ice Age. Instead of magical attributes, these objects are now seen as evidence of the complexity of the tools and technologies that people used for their needs.


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