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Wiblingen Abbey Library: history and acquisitions of the book treasury

Wiblingen Abbey Library: history and acquisitions of the book treasury
The library of Wiblingen Abbey is not just a repository of books. It is a cultural and architectural gem that reflects the spirit of the era and the wealth of knowledge accumulated over the centuries. The library is located in the picturesque town of Wieblengen in southwestern Germany.

The library of Wiblingen Abbey has a rich history. It began to take shape from the moment the monastery was founded in 1093 by brothers Hartmann and Otto von Kirchberg. It is believed that the relic that made Wiblingen a center of pilgrimage was brought here. For their participation in the First Crusade, Pope Urban II gave the brothers a small piece of the wooden cross on which, according to legend, Christ was crucified.
After the settlement of the monastery by Benedictine monks and the gift of the Pope, the abbey became a center of religious and cultural life in the region, and its library quickly became known as one of the richest in Europe. For centuries, it was constantly replenished thanks to donations from believers and rulers.

The monastery's book collection at the time of its opening included about 15,000 volumes. The library was a vivid example of the Rococo style. Frescoes were made by Martin Kuhn, wooden allegorical sculptures were carved by master Dominique Herberger.
At the beginning of the 19th century, the abbey was dissolved, part of the artistic heritage was looted. Even later, the monastery was used as a fortress and barracks, and then it was a shelter.

Currently, the library is part of the museum and is open to the public. Although only a small part of the original collection of books remained.
The library of Wiblingen Abbey not only preserves a unique cultural heritage, but also glorifies it through the generations. It is a witness to the history and honoring of those who devoted their whole lives to the preservation of books.

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