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Masterpieces of black-figure vase painting: the creative legacy of Amasis

Masterpieces of black-figure vase painting: the creative legacy of Amasis
In the VI century BC. e., during the heyday of black-figure vase painting, the ancient Greek artist Amasis lived and worked. True, this name belonged to the potter, whose works were decorated with drawings by an anonymous vase painter, for which he was nicknamed Amasis. It is believed that the artist studied in Athens, during the years of his work he tried to respond to changes in the cultural life of Greece. Despite his conservatism and adherence to traditions, the artist developed his own style: at first, the works were distinguished by simplicity and some angularity, but over time, the images became more complex and confident.
The artist preferred symmetry and expressiveness, he showed himself well as a miniaturist, having worked out small details well. A feature of the Amasis style was the separation of the main composition from the ornaments on the neck with the help of two or three stripes. In addition, the vase painter often turned to floral designs and developed several complex garlands that differed significantly from the earlier simple vertical buds. He returned to this motif more than once, especially in the last years of his work, adhering to exact symmetry.
One of the favorite themes of Amasis is the festivities of Dionysus and his admirers of his cult, merry revelers. He depicted other scenes of interaction between gods and mortals, and revealed various mythical plots. At the same time, the artist did not ignore moments from the life of ordinary people: on one vase, the newlyweds arrive at the groom's house, on the other, several women process wool.
Amasis worked with various objects: he painted amphorae for wine and oil, aryballos (aryballos), skyphos (skyphos), various drinking bowls and other utensils. In total, there are about 90 items, including several damaged ones, from which only shards remained.

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