21 February, 22:23

Parisian artist turns old Apple equipment into plant pots

Parisian artist turns old Apple equipment into plant pots
In a world where technology permeates every aspect of life, the problem of e-waste disposal is becoming more and more pressing. But for Parisian artist Christophe Guinet, this problem became a source of inspiration. His project "Plant Your Mac!" - a kind of call for awareness regarding the consumption and disposal of electronics.
Each planter created by Christophe was originally part of an old Apple product. However, in the skillful hands of the artist, these wastes turned into something new — living flowerpots for plants. Each image of Apple technology on the surface of the flowerpot has now become a frame for plants, recalling the importance of harmony between technology and nature.

The idea for the project came to Christophe after observing the lives of people who spend their days immersed in the virtual world of their computers. This led him to the idea of the need to remind humanity that nature still exists and the importance of caring for it. Each flowerpot has become a unique symbol of the confrontation between technological progress and environmental conservation.
The creation of each flowerpot takes approximately three days of careful work. First, the artist selects the necessary equipment and decides how he will use it. Then he selects plants that will grow in such flowerpots. A few days for the shoot to adapt in the ground, and the future flower can look for a place in the house.

This is not just a collection of flowerpots, it is a story about how creativity can become a bridge between technological progress and nature.

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