22 February, 15:00

"Love conquers all" is the inscription on a piece of jewelry found by Polish archaeologists

"Love conquers all" is the inscription on a piece of jewelry found by Polish archaeologists
A pewter ornament in the form of a dove was found during archaeological work on a 15th-century port crane sandwiched between two towers. Below the image of the bird was the inscription in Latin "AMOR VINCIT OMNIA", which translates as "Love Conquers All".

The small ornament had the remains of two fasteners, which were probably used to fix it on clothing or a chain as a pendant.
As noted in the National Maritime Museum in Gdańsk, the dove was a symbol of devotion, love and care for the ancient Romans and Greeks. It was probably not accidentally used when depicting the love goddesses Aphrodite and Venus. Such ornaments were popular in Gdańsk between the 14th and 15th centuries. It was a borrowed "trend" from the Netherlands and England.

“When you think of birds and love, a pair of pigeons is the most likely image that comes to mind. Their loyalty and care for their partner make them an ideal symbol of love and family," says Dr. Anna Rembish-Lubievska, archaeologist of the museum.
Regarding the location of the find, the researchers added that this port crane was once one of the largest in the world. Before that, it served as a defense structure and one of the gates of the city. Since 2020, restoration work has been ongoing here, which helped archaeologists come across the above-mentioned tin ornament.

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