2 March, 13:32

A golden ring with the image of the god Janus was found during excavations in Poland

A golden ring with the image of the god Janus was found during excavations in Poland
During the archaeological work on the territory of the Wawel Castle, the former residence of the Polish kings in the city of Krakow, an unusual gold ornament was discovered. A golden ring with an image reminiscent of the ancient Roman god Janus greatly surprised researchers.

According to archaeologists, the ring was created in the 11th or 12th century, making it one of the most unusual artifacts from that period. The decoration is noted not only for its respectable age, but also for the symbolic image of the god Janus, which raises a number of questions about its origin and purpose.
During the Middle Ages, Christian symbolism dominated art and objects of religious and everyday use. However, this ring, with the image of the god Janus, is exceptional. He is considered one of the oldest Roman gods, the patron of entrances and exits, beginnings and endings. He was depicted as a man with two faces on either side of his head.

Such an image not only deviates from the Christian tradition, but also testifies to the possible influence of ancient culture on the territory of Poland in the Middle Ages.
According to archaeologists, size suggests that it may have been intended to be worn as an ornament, but may have been used for religious purposes. The crescent shape means that it was probably produced locally for members of the local elite.
This artifact becomes another mystery of the medieval history and culture of Poland. Its discovery under the Wawel Castle highlights the richness and variety of cultural influences on this land over the centuries.


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