2 November 2022, 01:29

Dominican monastery bell tower restored in Lviv region

Dominican monastery bell tower restored in Lviv region
In Ukraine, they continue to restore buildings that are of great cultural importance. In the town of Podkamin (Lviv region), the restoration of the bell tower of the Dominican monastery has been completed. As part of an international project with the participation of Poland, the bell tower, which began to be rebuilt in 2018, was saved from destruction.
The bell tower was restored inside and out. Back in 2010, scaffolding was erected to prevent the walls from gradually collapsing. The room was equipped to receive pilgrims and tourists, and a fire alarm was installed. The area around the monastery was put in order, the drainage system was updated.
The Dominican monastery is an architectural monument of national importance. It was first mentioned in the 15th century: when Podkamin was founded, the monks built a wooden church, and later a large castle appeared. In 1519, the settlement was attacked by the Ottomans, the castle was destroyed, and the monastery was plundered. Over time, Podkamen was rebuilt, the Dominicans' haven was expanded. In the 18th century, a bell tower appeared, which, among other things, served as a defensive tower. In the XIX century it was rebuilt, giving a modern look.

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