13 March, 13:00

An Austrian farmer found a medieval dungeon during renovations

An Austrian farmer found a medieval dungeon during renovations
While repairing the floor in his house in the Austrian town of Dobersber, 30-year-old farmer Florian Schmid came across an extensive network of medieval underground passages 16 meters long.
After discovering the system of underground passageways, Florian Schmid immediately turned to speleologists and representatives of the Federal Office for the Protection of Monuments in Austria. The conducted research revealed that the vaulted tunnels are equipped with 15 niches for lamps and were intended to shelter local residents during raids by robbers in the Middle Ages.

According to the head of the research team, Josef Weichenberger, an important feature of this find is not only its huge historical potential, but also the fact that access to the dungeon was carefully disguised, so no one suspected its existence for centuries. This testifies to the high level of skill of medieval masters.
It is planned that a safe entrance for visitors will be created in the near future, because Florian Schmid is interested in preserving and popularizing a unique monument of the history of his native land. According to him, this find is worthy of attention not only of Austrians, but also of tourists from all over the world.

Such discoveries expand the understanding of the past, create new opportunities for the tourism development of regions, drawing attention to their unique history and cultural heritage.
Austria, as a country enriched with such historical treasures, can use this find as an additional stimulus for the development of the tourism industry and increase interest in its cultural heritage.


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