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2 November 2022, 13:23

Ring in platinum with a diamond - contender for the title of "Lot of the Year"

Ring in platinum with a diamond - contender for the title of "Lot of the Year"
Walking through the streets, we see many jewelry stores with countless rings. But for jewelry collectors and lovers of unusual jewelry, there is nothing more interesting than objects from the past.
For example, here is a diamond ring, which, by the way, can become a contender for the “lot of the year” of the Violity website from the section “Jewellery from precious metals, stones and bijouterie”.
Why are old rings and this ring in particular so interesting?
To begin with, vintage diamond jewelry is always unique. After all, before there were no means of mass production, as in our time. And there was no modern wholesale or retail sales. Therefore, the rings of past years often have historical and artistic value. But even here it is necessary to take into account the period of creation of the jewel, design, the skill of the jeweler himself, safety, the metal used and, of course, the diamond itself.
The diamond, by the way, was one of the most popular stones for antique jewelry. Here is a small note - the cut of the stone was significantly different from modern methods. The tools were not so accurate, which affected the result of the work. But at the same time, they had distinctive features that added to the attractiveness of the whole decoration. For example, the cutters of the Victorian era left the stones larger. The number of facets on the stones was smaller, which allowed them to seem to glow from the inside.
If you study modern jewelry, modern-cut diamonds, you can see dozens of facets on them. Usually applied for more shine. I would like to note that the lighting under which the craftsmen worked also played an important role in working with ancient jewelry. In times when there was no electricity, jewelers worked in natural light or candlelight.
And back to our contender for the title of "lot of the year." A platinum ring with a diamond was sold on the Violite website for almost UAH 2 million. An engraved antique product aroused an unprecedented interest of users - 393 rates and almost 500 followers of the auction.

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