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20 March, 17:00

Collector Sergiy Novitsky is a guest of the new program by Kateryna Pimenova on Violitу's YouTube channel

Collector Sergiy Novitsky is a guest of the new program by Kateryna Pimenova on Violitу's YouTube channel
This Friday, theViolitу PRO Collecting YouTube channel will premiere the next episode of Kateryna Pimenova's program.

This time, the art observer will visit the famous Odesa church - St. Paul's Lutheran Church. For several years now, the Pastor's House has been hosting a permanent exhibition dedicated to the heritage of the Black Sea Germans and their contribution to the development of southern Ukraine.
Program host Kateryna Pimenova
Program host Kateryna Pimenova
The exhibition was created by historian, journalist, and writer Oleksandr Surilov, and a significant part of the collection is made up of items from the personal collection of local historian Serhiy Novytskyi.

It is the objects related to the life and activities of German colonists in Odesa region in the late XIX - early XX centuries that you will see in the issue entitled "German Quality."
Serhiy Novytskyi has been interested in collecting since childhood, when he first found an old coin. Over the years, his passion for unusual finds has developed into a large collection of various antiques. In particular, many household items produced at German factories and enterprises more than a century ago.
The inhabitants of the Northern Black Sea region, where there were many German settlements, are well aware of the quality of German items.
From a Singer sewing machine to bottles of Sanzenbacher beer, the objects on display tell the story of the German community in the Ukrainian South, and additional research materials, old photographs, and advertisements of the time provide a glimpse into the past.

So don't miss the release of Kateryna Pimenova's new program German Quality on Violity YouTube channel on March 22 at 17:00 Kyiv time.

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